Product name: Wholesale New Arrival Ostrich Feathers
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                                  Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are the most elegant and luxurious feathers available. By using only one or two Ostrich feathers, you can change the entire look of anything, for example to adorn band hats, flapper headbands or as a single plume on a wedding pen. Ostrich feathers are spectacular as showgirl headdresses, and large feather fans. Ostrich feathers are very popular in the special event Industry, as a staple item for centerpieces, feather palm trees.


They are with wispy hair-like feathers coming out from the stiff quill in the center of the plume. The Ostrich plumes have been bleached to make the plume white. Of course we can dye any colors as per your requests. In addition, we have all sizes available as below:-


15cm to 20cm

20cm to 25cm

25cm to 30cm

30cm to 35cm

35cm to 40cm

40cm to 45cm

45cm to 50cm

50cm to 55cm

55cm to 60cm

60cm to 65cm

65cm to 70cm

70cm above